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Gogo Maweni love her snakes as much as she love her children.

Reality TV star and practicing sangoma Makgotso "Gogo Maweni has been the talk of town since the release of Izangoma Zodumo, which has ruffled more than a few feathers. Makgotso and her many alter-egos, including “Champagne Mami” (who has made past TV appearances) made the feisty sangoma a target for public scrutiny.

Gogo Maweni is also a mother to three boys, we have seen on the screens how much she loves her boys. She is in a relationship with Sabelo who later on Proposed to her and surprisingly Gogo Maweni's Gobela who is Bab'umamba was not happy at all about Sabelos proposal because he said Sabelo was supposed to ask for his permission as Mawenis gobela.

Gogo Maweni love snakes, people were left wondering about her love for snakes after finding out that she own 4 of them and they all have names, Zara, Kadafi, Cartel and Escobar as people are now afraid of the snakes as they have seen how dangerous they can be and that their sometimes used for black magic. Gogo Maweni's snakes baths just like any human being.

This came as a shock to some people and she also told them that she also owns a few owls in her home. All these animals are known for being dangerous when it comes to black magic.

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