"Unlock Our Country" Angry Kenyans Expected on The Streets Today Over Lockdown


Displeased Kenyans are expected to storm the Nairobi CBD today, Tuesday 6th April over the current partial lockdown.

Their bitterness was escalated by the fact that the government did not put any measures to relieve Kenyans off the hard economic time currently being experienced in the locked zone.

"It is time! what is the plan to feed our families? unlock the country, we are suffering," read part of placards and posters shared online.


The President claimed there are no plans to cushion those affected by the lockdown, claiming that he has not locked down the economy noting that the current lockdown was way much different from the prior.

"When you talk tax you talk about the whole country and not a section of the country. So we will have to look at specific measures that can apply within a particular county like Nakuru has said there will be no licenses," spoke Uhuru.

He claimed that since it was not a National lockdown, there is no way he can impose different taxation for one county as opposes by the other.

Kenyans anger has also been fueled by the recent IMF loan, criticizing the government for borrowing too much and later misappropriating the funds.

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