'' My Boyfriend is me '' Teni Revealed in New Instagram Post

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As an entertainer one thing you can never escape from is people prying into your affairs in life, for Dr Dolor music artist Teni, she is one girl that people want to know who she might be dating, and to answer that she was quick to come up with an answer to her Instagram followers by stating that '' Everybody asking who my boyfriend is, my boyfriend is me '' well that wouldn't surprise would it? As a person might be allowed to date themselves.

Teni who recently dropped an album is doing well for herself in the music industry, and as it stands she is not willing to let anything distract her, not even having a boyfriend as she has disclosed that she is dating herself, a statement which many of her fans will not find surprising, she is one girl that is always happy and whose mood is a clear indication of someone that is free from the scuffles of dating which are usually highlighted on social media, she has via her statement proven that she knows how to deal with audience who have a knack for obtaining news details from celebs by knowing who they might be dating in the real world, which is something good.

But Jokes aside many fans of Teni will really want to see who she might be dating, as that part of her life has been a quiet venture which many people know nothing about, and would like to be in the know of, as it will be a good thing for her to be associated with someone to see her relationship status which has always been a part in the dark for her, since people are unaware of it.

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