Tumekataa: Standstill in Mukuruweini as Kikuyu Elders Protest Against Muturi’s Coronation (VIDEO)


Tension has befallen the Holy Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga area in Mukurweini after Kikuyu Elders arrived at the shrine on Saturday at dawn.

The Elders donned in their cultural regalia started a protest aimed at stopping the expected coronation of National Assembly Speaker Muturi as the Mt Kenya Kingpin.

According to the Elders on site, the expected coronation is not recognized by the Kiama ki maa thus trashing it as witchcraft.

The Elders held a press briefing and sent out a warning to any person who was attempting to access the Holy Mukurwe wa nyagathanga to carry out any coronation.

The elders stated that they were going to use any kind of force to stop individuals thirsty of power from accessing the Holy grounds.

Hapa ni Mahali patakatifu, hatutaki mtu yeyote ata kama ametoka chini ya maji ama ametumwa na nani, Tumekataa kata kata! Stated the Elders.

The protest started after it emerged a section of the Kikuyu elders were planning on coronating Muturi as the Regions kingpin for other reasons.

Following the ongoing protests, it is not yet clear whether the planned coronation will take place.

Video; https://twitter.com/i/status/1395994149355147264

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