Exams Around The Corner As Students Come For Halfterm


Today many schools in kenya were given halfterm to come for a two day time. This term is very short as form fours are preparing for their education which is going to be done in march 2022. The exams of that year are going to be done twice and that is not normal. Although it was because of the pandemic that made everything in the world different.

Teachers in kenya are in panic after knowing that days are numbered for form fours and many of the schools have not covered the form four sylabus. They are now confused of what to be done in order to cover the part that is remaining. Some of the form fours have gone home and some might be needed in school in Monday to continue with their education. The current form threes are not even in safe place and may need to work hard in order to achieve their objectives.

Alvindo kenya_public@operanewshub.com