Funny Kisumu Based Hawker Who Sells "Mtumba" Clothes Lands a Mega Deal After His Videos Went Viral

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If you are an active social media person you must have bumped into a couple of viral videos of a hawker selling ladies clothes using hilarious phrases which have captured the hearts of many netizens. The funny hawker has now been identified as Sande Mayau alias mayaudreamchaser on Instagram is a talented actor, musician, mc and content creator who currently sells "mitumba" clothes in Kisumu specifically at the Kisumu Boys national oil roundabout. He is not your ordinary hawker as he dresses like a lady and entertains his clients who are mostly ladies by engaging them in hilarious skits encouraging them to dress to impress. [Photo courtesy]

Earlier today, Sande broke the news that he had been invited by Devine Collections for a complete wardrobe makeover as a sign of appreciation for entertaining Kenyans. Devine collections went out of their way to book him an air ticket from Kisumu to Nairobi and upon his arrival, he was picked by a Mercedes Benz to drop him off at 53 park arcade along Ring Road where they have a physical store.[Photo courtesy]

"Matunda ya uzazi ndo haha, kweli nazalia hapa @devine_collections 🥰 Baraka zimenyea kama mvua🙏," Sande captioned on his Instagram and we wish all the best and hope that he lands an ambassadorial job with the store. Kindly let us know your thoughts on the comment section down below.[Photo courtesy]

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