"You're not the first to tell me I'm ugly, even my mom told me" a girl wishes she was never born


Bullying can cast a dark shadow over people’s lives and leave permanent scars. A girl who is a victim of cyberbully has left a cryptic status on Facebook. She said she wishes she was never born, she said she doesn't go out anymore that people make mockery of her. 

She begs people to stop bullying her to stop calling ugly, she said that she knows she's ugly even her mother has told her that she's ugly. Furthermore, she said she was not the one that created herself. 

She appreciated God for creating her, she wished she was created beautiful just like other girls. Furthermore, she said people share her pictures on social media just to mock her and remind her that she was created ugly. Not only that, but she said she had had enough where should I go should I go to God or should I go to Satan. 

 She was crying because she was very hurt she says she always looks at herself in the mirror crying begging God to make her beautiful like all the girls she says she wishes she was born beautiful.

 Please let's stop cyber bullying we are all created by God none of us can create a human being let stop calling people ugly. As I'm writing this post her Facebook account has been deactivated she threatens to do something silly what's your advice for this girl.

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