Relief to Kenyans as price of maize flour is lowered.

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It is well wide known in the country that the prices of products has been shooting really up. Especially the basic commodity, the maize flour, has really been pushing Kenyans to the edge of poverty.But today Kenyans will a little bit smile since some of the Levi's has been removed, according to CS of agriculture, Peter Munya.The prices had shoot up due to conflict in the Kenya Tanzania border where it is the major source of Miller's maize.

Lowered by 2/=

The plan is to cut a two packet kilogram of Maize flour by two shillings. However there has been complains that the move doesn't change the situation currently in the country.

'The move is so insignificant; we need a serious government intervention on making the maize available in order to cut down significantly on the cost of flour.' UGMA chairman Ken Nyaga said

Do you think that this move will really help kenyans.? Share your comments below.

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