Manchester United on Top of the Premier League is Like an Elephant on Top of a Tree (Opinion)


Following Manchester united vs Leicester City Results, other teams are wondering how Manchester got to the top position.

Manchester have lost their game twice in a raw. For instance Playing with Leicester city, the coach arranged poor players and they had to play. This is because on 13 May, they will be facing the giants, Liverpool FC.

Man Utd playing with Liverpool was scheduled until protestor invaded the field calling themselves antigazler, they didn't want the family managing Manchester united.

From the above picture, you can see lineup. Was poor but i think the manager was reserving others for Liverpool.

This is after Cavani extended his one year contact. Pogba's contract expires in 2022 and the report says that United would rather sanction a move this year than lose him on a free transfer next summer.

Man Utd have won 66 major titles to Liverpool's 62, sealing their status as the most successful side in England.

Man United owner Avram Glazer refuses to apologise over European Super League involvement. Manchester United owner Avram Glazer has refused to apologise to fans for the club's involvement in the failed breakaway European Super League. Avram is a member of the American Glazer family who own United.