Tips On How To Combine Prints(Photos)

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There are many fashion guides and experts telling us that you can only combine prints with solid fabrics to prevent your outfit from looking too busy or out of place. However, with a sensible approach, you can successfully combine two and more prints in the same look.

Here are a few tips on how to do it the right way!

1. Go With Your Boldest Ideas

Normally, when thinking about pairing two prints in one outfit, you want to start with pairing two neutral prints or one vibrant and one neutral print, but you can actually achieve the most striking results if you pair two or more bold prints in one outfit. For example, combining leopard and floral patterns in one look is probably not the first idea that jumps to your mind, but the final look can be much better than you expect.

2. When In Doubt, Choose Monochromes

Carrying out a monochrome look seems like the easiest fashion challenge in the world, but an outfit featuring just one shade risks getting boring very fast. The solution here is to find two printed items with the same main colour and then using the accessories in the same colour to finish the look. No one will say that a black polka dot skirt, a white striped blouse with black heels and a purse are a boring combination.

3. Play With Pattern Scales

A fun and unexpected idea to combine prints in one outfit is to pair prints that are closely related but have different scales. It can be something as simple as polka dots and stripes, but you can also go one step further and find two items in the same colour scheme such as animal prints or florals that have different pattern scales.

Another great way to include similar prints in your outfit while looking far from boring is to use different print directions; this works particularly well for stripes.

4. Choose One Central Pattern

If you are planning a multi-patterned look for the first time, you may not be ready to mix two and more bold prints in one outfit and assign identical roles to them in your look. In that case, you can benefit from choosing the most major part of your look and allowing it to shine while keeping the rest of the outfit in the same theme but not nearly as eye-catching as the main piece.

For example, a lovely floral gown can look even more striking and adorable when paired with a small floral purse.

5. Stripes Go Well With Anything

If you want to start your print journey with something neutral, you should know that there is not a single more neutral pattern than stripes and many fashionstas treat striped pieces as solid colours, pairing them freely with anything they want. Needless to say, the most popular option in this situation is a striped shirt.

First, striped shirt come in all kinds of colours, pattern scales, and sizes, so you can own several of them and always be able to find just the right piece to finish your look. Second, dark stripes on a light background will go with anything, from florals to a camouflage pattern.

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