Ijaw Delicacies are Nutritious, See Three Ijaw Delicacy You Should Try.

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The Ijaw's delicacies might not be popular outside the Ijaw territory but these foods are worth it when it comes to their delicious taste, appealing aroma and nutritional value. The Ijaw's are the sixth-largest ethnic group in Nigeria and they cut across six different states of Nigeria.

The Ijaw people are always found in the riverine communities. This factor as influence and determine what they consume the most. The food the Ijaw's eat is mostly seafood because they are majorly fishermen. The consumption of plants in by the Ijaw's also boils down to the fact that plantain is what that farm the most. Here are three Ijaw Delicacies you should try.

Bole and Fish.

Bole and fish are largely eaten by the Ijaw's. The delicacy is a lovely one. The Bole is a roasted plantain delicacy. Sine used role plantain while sine preferred it unripe. The dish always comes with grilled fish. The fish is usually grilled with pepper sauce and this helps give the fish a good aroma and sweet sensational taste. Bold and Fish is the number of fast-food you will always see in the street of Bayelsa, Port Harcourt and Warri. Those aforementioned places also have a large population of Ijaw's as an inhabitant of those territories.

Keke Fieye.

Keke Fieye is a lovely Ijaw delicacy you should try. The meal has lots of nutrition gotten from lots of first-class proteins that serve as ingredients present in the meal. The food is always cooked with plantain. Keke Fieye is plantain pottage with snails. The snails are always u shelled during the cooking process.


Polofiyai is a seafood delicacy that is well embedded with seafood soup with all dirt of seafood ingredients like periwinkle, fresh fish, dry fish, plantain, onion, pepper, palm oil, scent leave and salt.


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