Exclusive; Two High School Students Caught Camera Smooching And Fondling Each Other


Two high school students were caught in a camera seriously smooching one another. The name of the school where the incident took place has not been revealed as it could damage the image of the school.

In the video sighted on the internet, a boy and girl was seen sitting very close to one other whiles both of their hands were busily smooching and fondling each other's bodies.

The lifestyle of children now a days is so much alarming to the general public especially to our leaders and the authorities. They need to stand up to ensure that our children gets the moral training they ought to other than that, the future of this country is in danger. Whiles some blame parents for the wrongful acts of children, others blame social media and celebrities for negatively impacting our children to copy them.

The video has called for massive reactions from people as they protest against these two students to be sacked from the school for engaging themselves into this unlawful act.

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