10 Footballers Who Have Featured In Movies

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Many footballers play roles in the entertainment industry. Check out ten of them that have featured in movies.

10. David Beckham

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid star David Beckham regularly act in movies. He already has numerous appearances under his belt, varying from brief cameos as himself to actual small speaking roles. He appeared as himself, and in Archive Footage, The Goal!, The trilogy as well as popping up in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

However, some of his appearances are notoriously jarring. For example, when he showed up in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie, it was titled King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. The legendary soccer star is one of the most recognizable figures on the planet. When his appearance feels a little shoehorned into the action it can irritate audiences.

9. Stan Collymore

Ex- Nottingham Forest star has faced several personal controversies since retiring from soccer and concentrating on punditry. Despite this, he did manage to land himself a small role in the 2005 erotic thriller sequel Basic Instinct 2. He acted in the movie with Sharon Stone who returned as the villainous serial killer Catherine Tramell.

It marked Collymore’s on-screen debut in his extremely short-lived acting career. He played the role of Kevin Franks, a famous English soccer player, which couldn’t have been much of a stretch for the former player.

8. Eric Cantona

Former French soccer star Eric Cantona became a household name during the ’90s. He was an iconic player thanks to his long stint at Manchester United. He is often hailed as one of the team’s greatest players of all time.

When Cantona hung up his boots he concentrated his post-playing career in the field of acting. His first major role came in the Shekhar Kapur-helmed period drama Elizabeth. Cantona played the role of French ambassador Paul de Foix. He went on to appear in numerous other movies both in France and internationally.

7. Ally McCoist

Now a much-respected soccer commentator former Scottish forward Ally McCoist seemed an unlikely choice for a role alongside legendary actor Robert Duvall in the 2000s A Shot at Glory.

McCoist played the role of Jackie McQuillan, a former fictional Celtic player. He and his club manager, Gordon McLeod (played by Duvall), attempt to help the fictional team of Kilnockie FC reaches their first Scottish Cup final. The final game was played against real-life Scottish Premier League team Rangers, with who McCoist spent 15 years of his playing career.

6. Allan Simonsen

Seeing a player fall to the ground like he's just been shot isn't exactly a new sight in a game of soccer. However, former Danish soccer player Allan Simonsen is the only player to do it purposely on screen.

The 1977 crime thriller The Marksman (AKA Skytten) hit Danish theatres and saw the Borussia Mönchengladbach striker in the crosshairs of a sniper. In the long run, he got shot dead on the pitch during a match. It was an incredible dive that wouldn't look out of place in the English Premier League.

5. Vinnie Jones

A lot of former soccer players enjoy a lucrative and rewarding post-playing career. Many often keep their feet firmly in the industry in some shape or form. Some, however, like former Wimbledon midfielder and all-around tough-guy Vinnie Jones, are lucky enough to make the full transition to acting.

Jones made his unexpected movie debut in Guy Ritchie’s directorial feature debut Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels back in 1998. Since then he has gone on to star in plenty of movies and TV shows often playing the hard man role. That includes roles in Eurotrip and X-Men: The Last Stand.

4. Zinedine Zidane

Some cameos can be a little jarring for the viewer, and some can be downright odd. Known more famously for his infamous headbutt during the final of the 2006 World Cup, Zinedine Zidane made his acting debut in French fantasy comedy movies.

The former Juventus and Real Madrid attacking midfielder had an incredible playing career. It certainly showed his good-humoured side when he appeared in the movie in Cleopatra-Esque. He has his makeup and accompanying wig. At least he gets to showcase his nifty soccer skills in the movie.

3. Neymar

In the action sequel, XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Brazilian football star Neymar was lucky enough to score some real scene time with co-star Samuel L. Jackson. He even managed to utilize his soccer skills and get a face-smacking shot.

It was another example of left-field casting, much like David Beckham's appearance in King Arthur. However, this time around it seemed in keeping with the tongue-in-cheek nature of the movie.

2. Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore was the captain of the England team that won the 1966 FIFA World Cup. In 1981, Moore starred alongside the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine. The movie was titled "Escape to Victory."

Moore starred as Terry Brady in the movie that focused on a group of Allied prisoners of war. They were tasked with playing an exhibition soccer match against the Germans. The movie itself also starred several other notable real-life players such as Pelé, Ossie Ardiles, Kazimierz Deyna, and Mike Summerbee.

1. Pelé

Often hailed as the greatest soccer player who ever played there is no mistaking the name of Pelé. The Brazilian superstar had a couple of feature acting credits in the ’70s and of course. He is famous for the movie "The Aforementioned Escape to Victory."

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