Stunning Photos Of 17 Women That Look Like A Wrecked Car

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Adelaide-based artist Emma Hack uses her expertise skill at body painting for this jarring anti-speeding campaign for Motor Accident Commission.

The campaign depicts a mangled car that is actually made of carefully positioned human bodies. There are seventeen men and women within the anamorphic image of a car that has clearly been in an accident with up to five layers of paint coating their bodies.

Hack, who is probably best known as the body painter for Gotyes. She was just a kid when she got her start in the art world. Her family was always there to help and encourage her, even though it was a difficult time for her.

Emma Hack is said to be a gifted artist with a special aptitude for creating paintings that appear to have an optical illusion of camouflage. They are depictions of various human bodies that have been combined into one painting.

Artwork by Emma Hack used 17 models compressed to depict a destroyed automobile that was used to commission the South Australian Motor Accident Commission.

Emma Hack and her 17 models were squashed into the shape of a wrecked car in these amazing photographs. Emma Hack has had a significant impact on the creation and progress of art in society.

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