Top 4 Things Men Look For In Relationships


Maybe you have been struggling to know what actually men look for when they get into relationships. Here are top 4 things that men look for in love and relationships.

1.Gratitude and appreciation.

A man always wants validation and gratitude from his woman. He is always going to want to feel like his existence is of value to her. Whenever he does something good for you, you have to make sure to thank him and make him feel like he has made a positive impact on your life.


Physical intimacy is always important in any relationship to thrive. Men want to feel love, warmth, closeness and acceptance. Not all men are going to look for it in a relationship but it plays a huge part between two people who love one another.

3.Patience and understanding.

A man will love a lady who believes that no one is ever perfect. A guy is always going to want to be with a girl who won't nag on him and make him feel bad for making a mistake. Men will know on how to better themselves to prevent making more mistakes.


Just because a man enters into a relationship with you, doesn't automatically mean that he's going to be willing to give up his sense of freedom and individuality. However, he is going to want to be close with the girl he love.

It's important to make your man feel like he can be his own person independent from the relationship. He has to be able to feel that, it is okay for him to be himself and act on his own volition despite being in a relationship with you.