"Have you seen him?." Mother Left In Panic After Her Son Is Reported Missing From School

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A concerned mother has been left panicking after receiving a message that her son is missing from school.

Katrina Essy Malika shared photo of her son on Facebook. She explained that her son aged fourteen years has been reported missing from school. The message was delivered to her from the school management through a text message.

Katrina gas appealed to anyone who might come across her son to report to nearest police station.

Screenshot of Katrina's post on Facebook

Cases of school going children missing from homes or schools have increased in recent days. This is leaving many in fear not knowing how safe their children are. We pray that God protect our children against any harm.

If you might have come across the boy pictured above, kindly report to any nearest police station.

Help a stranded nother by sharing this article to help trace whereabouts of the boy. May God protect him wherever he is.

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