Reactions After Hungry Kenyans Take To The Streets To Protest On High Living Cost (PHOTOS)

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More and more people continue to complain about the rising cost of living which is almost becoming unbearable to the common mwananchi. This was after a section of hungry Kenyans took to the streets of Nairobi to complain on the high price of commodities.They were in hundreds singing about food prices.

In a photo, they had a plate which had a message threatening to boycott the upcoming August elections if nothing will be done. They insisted on a kilogram being seventy shillings which is affordable compared to the current one hundred shillings.

The protest seemed peaceful and no policemen were observed at the scene compared to other past demonstration. The citizens are awaiting government officials to hear their cries and do something about it. What are your thoughts about this matter? Be sure to follow me for such informative articles too. Also share with friends and family too. Thanks for your time readers.

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