Days After Buhari Ordered Military To Crush Terrorists, See What Happened To A Fighter Jet In Borno


A fighter jet went missing in Radar, Borno State, on Wednesday evening during a battle with Boko Haram insurgents, according to the Nigerian Air Force.

The military is worried about the possibility that the fighter jet was captured or shot down by insurgents during the mission. The information of the jet's whereabouts is still sketchy, according to a statement released by the Nigerian Air Force.

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Field Marshall Amoo, has arrived in Borno State as the search for the aircraft continues.

This horrible event came a few days after President Muhammad Buhari ordered the military to crush Boko Haram insurgents and bandits in the country.

Nigerians have responded to the Air Force's statement in several ways; see some of the reactions below.

Wale said: "I'm not sure this government understands the gravity of this lie, every fighter jet is monitored by a Radar, so how does a fighter jet get missing in its airspace??

Are we fools or what?"

Samuel said: "Shouldn't the country be sold off at the rate? A military fighter jet is declared missing just like it's a phone. Does our shame have no limits? Assuming BH is currently in possession of it, what stops them from deploying it? The same jet bought to fight them too. Haba 9ja, who do us this tin?"