Beyonce's Black Is King Solidifies Her Status As The Queen Of Music Videos

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I think Beyonce is more of a visual artist and she realizes that. 

It's not the first time she has made a visual album. Her self tilted album Beyonce released in 2013 was a visual album, as well as Lemonade (2016) and the current The Lion King project, Black Is King (2020).

Obviously, it's her well-executed videos that give life to her music projects, coupled with the fact that she's a great choreographer and is a natural beauty.

About her last album The Lion King: The Gift.

Going by published statistics, some of the songs off the Lion King album didn't chart globally. Probably because of the use of African languages and language barriers, I would guess.

Nevertheless, Beyonce has been able to hold everyone's attention with her latest visual project - Black Is King.

People of all races are now much more interested in what the album is about, and are beginning to get more insight into the African ancestral heritage and our stories, all depicted in the videos.

Hence, the rave about the songs on the visual album, which is louder than that of The Lion King: The Gift.

She knows she's a gorgeous woman and that the world is transfixed by her undeniable beauty, so why not put out many stunning visuals in Black Is King, to get the much needed attention it deserves?

On this album, I think Beyonce is simply playing to her strengths - her beauty and her irresistible aura. 

As we may have seen in the videos, she samples a thousand and one traditional African regalia, and every little detail about each styling is brewing conversations all over the world.

Possibly too, she's aware of her unrivalled status as the queen of music videos; that video chic who everyone loves to watch and study every bit of her inimitable moves.

You see, not too many artists exude as much confidence that Beyonce has in her looks.

The best thing anyone can do is to understand their power and assert it. She does it well.

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