Five Correct Score Matches To Get You 654k With Ksh.100 This Monday


Monday matches seem to be tuff always. Most teams are now competing to finish at the top. Smaller leagues are the ones to speak of right now as Euro's continue. Every Monday seems to be so promising and it is really hard to doubt whether a team will win.

Recently correct scores are to be spoken of considering that no team wants to loose it's title.

1. Nacio Al/Britannia

These two teams are strong and they have always scored atleast one goal in the match. Both teams have a probability of scoring more than two goals in the match.

Prediction: 1-1

2. Valerenga/ sen

Valerenga have the greatest probability of scoring more than two goals in the match. Nonetheless the away team have had a better form than the home team. Due to points at the table valerenga can not accept to leave the three points. More than two goals can be scored in this match.


3. Baad /Ray

Taking the home advantage the home team scored atleast one goal in it's matches recently. It will not be a surprise to have the match ending with a 1-0 score.

Prediction: 1-0

4. Riga / dina

Prediction: 3-0

5. Cordoba/ general

Prediction: 0-0



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