Zora: Kwame Find It Hard To Choose Between Alma And Yola


Zora is a hit show aired on Citizen Tv after it's predicessor, Maria ended. Some might say that it has become more popular than Maria while others might say its not that good but everyone is entitled to their opinions. To my fans and the rest, get your latest update, gossip and trend, am sorry for being antisocial for a while please kindly hit the follow button in the right hand corner and please don't you forget to leave your opinion on the comment section below. Also like and share.

So nowadays the show rotates around Kwame who is in a bit of a dilemma hence creating a drama. Recently, he has found it hard to actually admit that he isn't into Yola but at the same time he is struggling with his wife, Alma. In today's show, he learnt that Yola has secured a room on their mall project and he didn't like it.

He went and asked his brother, Madiba as to why he let her get associated with their project considering the history he has with her. But Madiba asked him the question. Who will he choose between Alma and Yola??

He finds it hard to answer.

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