"I Am Getting Married Today, Please Pray for Us" -Hausa lady begs, Shares Stunning Photos

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Today, is Saturday and mostly used in Nigeria for wedding events and it cuts across. It is understandable because Saturday is weekend and a rest day for most people especially civil servants. It is more convenient as people will have ample time to attend events of their loved ones!

Here comes a beautiful hausa lady, Khadijah Zagada, who is having his wedding Fatihah today took to her Twitter page to ask for a favour from her followers. The lady who was supposed to be at the venue by 11am posted on her page by 6am to ask for the favour.

She said: "Assalamu alaikum. Good Morning Everyone. I am getting narried today Insha Allah Nima Layin Markade Ne Ya Iso. Please Say Prayer For Us Thank You. Khadijah and Shehu."

Below is the invitation letter she share on her page. This is beautiful as well

Wow! I love this. This is an humble begging. Based on your request, here is my own prayer: "May Allah the Almighty bless your marriage fill it with happiness, prosperity and enjoyment. I remind you to fear Allah throughout your marriage life. Congratulations sister!

Let's say a prayer for this lady's marital journey that starts today:

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