KDF Soldiers Plant a Thousand Trees in Isiolo Camp [Pictures]

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The Kenya Defense Forces has been at the forefront of ensuring that the surroundings in which they set up their military camps is at its best and the most important bit is to have the environment well protected.

Picture courtesy. Image from the event.

The Kenya Defense Forces soldiers in their endeavor to protect the environment and ensure that future generations are well taken care of, they engaged in a tree planting exercise earlier today.

According to the Official Kenya Defense Forces Social Media Page, soldiers drawn from the Isiolo Barracks together with members of the Kenya Forest Service, took part in a tree planting event.

The Environmental Soldier Program is behind the exercise that sought to improve the tree cover within the camp of the Kenya Defense Forces.

Picture courtesy. Image from the event.

According to the information on our desks, over 1,200 trees were planted around the camp by the dedicated men and women of the Kenya Defense Forces.

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Picture courtesy. Image from the event.

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