"Immoral and Heartless"-Fearless Karua Sparks Reactions As She Fires at NMS & State over Demolitions


Narc-Kenya Party leader Hon.Martha Karua has caused a stir online after calling out the Nairobi Metropolitan state and the Central Government with a bold statement over the Njiru Demolitions Online.

Penning her thoughts in a post on her Twitter page today on Sunday Night in response to a post made by Ktn News on the story, Karua termed the exercise which was heavily guarded as Immoral and heartless, saying that a gross violation of human rights of the vulnerable has become a recurrent practise for the Nairobi Metropolitan state and State house, and called on the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights to intervene, Remarks which have illicited mixed reactions from Netizens.

Below are Comments from Netizens on Her post.

"It's either the leaders are illiterate or ignorant, no one is above the law and no law supersedes the fundamental human rights of sovereigns. Immorality and illigality in this nation is at peak. SAD." A comment read.

"This is the government that was voted three times by some patriotic Kenyans. Are the justified to lament?, but quick observation is, democracy is overatted." A comment read.

"Those in power loves to see the weak in pain, helpless and poorer and this they do it with passion openly inconsiderate." A comment read.

"If we keep criticizing the government for correcting past corruption where will utilities like sewerage be build? Sometimes I don't get it but I wish we had a Kagame who will be ruthless and put us in order." A comment read.

"He can't even listen to himself. He chose lives over the livelihoods. The consistency is wanting." A comment read.

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