Raymond of Date Rush season 4 never disappointed Ghanaians - he finally shows much interest in Cecilia


Date Rush is really speeding a bound between young and single individuals in the like of Cecilia and Raymond of Date Rush season 4.

On a more serious note, everything seemed to be lost for Cecilia after all the drama that erupted between Cecilia and Raymond on the Date Rush Reunion at the point where Raymond publicly reviewed that a ring he got for her was just a gift.

But low and behold, the two love birds are really getting along very deeply with each other lately which have attracted a lot of applaud from Date Rush lovers.

Initially, Raymond didn't show much interest in Cecilia after choosing her on the show amidst the other female contestants but instead he developed some of kind of interest in Bella which of course the both of them were seen on social media in romantic atmosphere.

The truth of the matter is that, Cecilia and Raymond of Date Rush season 4 are now happily together as their funs had already wished for them on the very day they chose each other on the show.

However, some of the contestants on Date Rush are never so lucky enough as their date eventually end on rocks shortly after choosing themselves in the like of Success, Man Bossey the Sarkodie look like etc.

In fact Raymond and Cecilia are really meant to be as the two of them look perfectly match together.

Date Rush, everyone deserves love.

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