Our HIV Aids Positive House Maid Infected Our Child By Using His Toothbrush.


I'm telling you this story with hate, regrets, and bitterness in my heart. My husband was a hardworking businessman who spent more than half of the year away from home. We had a number of wholesale stores around the country, and I was in charge of them all. In addition to my job as a boss, living in a large house was difficult for me. Our family consisted of three children: two girls and one son. Because of so many activities at home and at work, I was still tired out or drained.

I discussed this with my husband and we decided to hire a housekeeper. After that, I asked a few friends to assist me in finding a young and intelligent lady who could keep my house clean at all times. I was introduced to one enthusiastic lady who was promising and hardworking after a few months of telling my friends about this.

Three years have passed since then. My one and only son was still sick. I took her to the doctor for checkups, and this is what the doctor told me after taking blood samples for testing. My son tested positive for HIV and Aids. I'm not sure how this is possible. Since my husband and I were both negative, it was very difficult for us to figure out how he contracted the deadly virus.

Perhaps he had a girlfriend, one would imagine. No way! My son was just 5 years old at the time.

We accused our housemaid of passing the virus to our son after conducting a thorough investigation. We invited the cops to question her. She admitted that she was to blame after a week of the exercise. We suspected she had molested our son, but she said she had used his toothbrush to paste her teeth.

That was inhumane, since she had known she was infected with the virus when she first came to work in our home. I blame myself for my son's current situation.

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