Ghana 2022 Socio-Economic Outlook: Government Must Want To Rethink Its Strategy

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Unemployment remains a major headache for the Government as the economy struggles to create employment opportunities.

The government's intention of hinging employment creation in 2022 on the success of the proposed e-levy is precarious and will further exacerbate the unemployment situation.

Beyond this, there has been hardly any significant initiative by the Government aimed at creating sustainable jobs to boost production and productivity.

As such, the Government might want to rethink its strategy through and find a more sustainable policy option and funding sources for employment creation initiatives to ensure more sustainable employment opportunities are created in the economy.

The value of MoMo transactions declined by GH¢10.3 billion between April and June 2022, from GH¢87.7 billion to GH¢77.4 billion with a string understanding wrapping its hopelessness onto the necks of worrying Ghanaians.

Check the expenditure in the presidency and compare that with the budgetary allocation to the ministry of education and you will realize that the presidency does not realize Ghana's economy can not sustain but it is implemented for the salaries of public sector workers.

Ghana is underdeveloped and can not pay salaries equivalent to their counterparts in dollars equivalent.

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