“Sasa Wangekufa?" Kenyans Gang Against Dr. Boni Khalwale As Three Men Cheats Death By A Whisker

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Just days after a 35 years Old man identified Robert Atema was killed after a bull ran over him during a bull fighting contest at Shitaho village in Lurambi constituency, Kakamega county, three people cheated death narrowly from the video that Dr. Boni Khalwale has posted in his Twitter handle.

Here are Reactions from Netizens.

In the Shocking video, one bull which was fleeing from the other after being overpowered ran over three people, with the one in yellow jacket likely to injured. See the video below."

Angry Kenyans took on Dr. Boni Khalwale head on while some were supporting him.

Bongei said while commenting “Kindly if you manage to take the mantle of kachmegaa, legislate guidelines and precautions measures bill on how bullfighting has to be conducted... Mexicans does it with well managed protocols."

Kevin Vulandi jr, MBS “Those are old enough people and responsible for themselves, walijileta wenyewe, no one forced them to be there, also you can choose to watch from far but they decided to be."

Here is the video.


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