Woman Runs For Her Dear Life After Biting Off Police Left Ear


The relationship between police officers and citizens have continued to cripple as days goes by. The citizens feel that police always misinterpret the information or commands that they are given by their bosses on how to handle the public. Equally the police have also been feeling that members of the public do not accord them the necessary respect that they require even after working day and night in protecting them.

Today, a case has been reported to Langata police station where one corporal Chege was walking in the evening patrol where she met a unknown female pedestrian walking past curfew hours. When he confronted the lady to ask why she was out at night and walking alone, the woman became unruly, timed his ear before bitting one of them off.

A photo used to illustrate the event

As the officer was struggling to gain his senses, the woman run into the neighborhood as fast as she could. The officer then picked the ear and rushed to the hospital where doctors promised to help him regain the ear. The police have started the manhunt to bring the said lady to book.

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