Sad News-As Students Sit Under Canopies To Learn In The Eastern Region.


Ayensuano, a constituency in the Eastern region of Ghana has a surburb community called Nubesu. The community has their school which most of their children attend which is Nubesua DA JHS. The school buildings in recent times has reached a deplorable stage in which needs much attention.

The teachers and students in the school have to sit under canopies before teachings and learning delivery can goes on. He headteacher explained that, they had to rent caponies school the children to sit under before they can learn which has also put them into financial difficulty.

However, the raining season is also approaching, students cannot sit under canopies and tree when it rains. They will rather have to close school for children to go home. The authorities in the district has also turn blind eye to this problem which is so dangerous for this future leaders.

They are therefore appealing to the government of Ghana, non-governmental organizations, stakeholders and the general public to come to their aid.