'Wanawake Wacheni Kuwapa Wanaume Hela,' Harmonize's Ex-Girlfriend Laments In New Post

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Harmonize and Kajala [Photo|Courtesy]

Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala has left an advice for the ladies on her Instagram stories. Kajala is singer Harmonize's ex girlfriend.

The two dated for a few months then broke up after Harmonize was accused of sending Kajala's 19 year old daughter, who is singer Rayvanny's girlfriend inappropriate photos.

The scandal landed both Kajala and her daughter Paula in jail. They were later released and it wasn't clear how they sorted out their issues. None of them has ever come out to speak about it.

Harmonize and Kajala [Photo|Courtesy]

Kajala has always been criticised of how she raises her daughter Paula. Many social media users always think she is not doing enough when it comes to parental duties.

She however goes silent on the matter and lives her life like no one is criticising her. Her love life has however remained private since she broke up with Harmonize.

She once stated during an interview with local station that she was planning to keep her love life out of social media. Her sentiments seem to be working because she has never talked about who she is dating.

Kajala had an advice for the ladies,she claimed women should stop giving money to men just to keep them. She went ahead to say that women should use their minds more than their feelings.

"Wanawake Wacheni kuwapa wanaume Hela so you can keep him. Mwanaume Ni wajibu wake yeye kukupa hela na kukuhudumia. A man needs to be the provider and protector, imeandikwa hata katika vitabu vya dini," the post read.

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