Rewrite fears as WhatsApp cheats share matric maths paper


A WhatsApp group chat involving several matric pupils that took place more than two hours before the maths paper 2 was written on Monday contained pictures of 10 questions that appeared in the exam.

Knowing the question paper doesn't guarantee that you are going to pass an exam. I remember back in 2013 while I was still at UKZN when I was writing an open book exam, I brought the whole library into the exam room but when the scripts were returned I only found out that I answer.

Have you guys seen how hard it is to get kids to eat vegetables while you chowing on a meat? It only works when we all eat vegetables. So let's all stop this corruption mostly adults.Bushiri's skipping the country and a Matric Exam Paper being leaked. The one cannot logically lead to the other? Come on now.

Typical Government reaction. Rather than punish the offenders, they put everyone in the same boat and punish everyone. It's the easier option. Just like their handling of the virus. Incompetence personified.

 I always knew that somewhere in SA one hits the exam room knowing already how the exam papers look like.The same at varsities if it goes through someone's hands then it's unavoidable to share with friends n relatives.How did it happen this means it has been happening all the years.

They should trace the numbers of those who benefited from the cheat and suspend them. You can't honestly punish thousands of learners because of 200 cheaters in a whatsapp group. This is when the DOE should show future cheaters that it's not worth it. Punish the real culprits not everyone.



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