Choo Ni Choo Tu, Speaker Muturi Humiliates Raila Badly In Nyandarua (Video)

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The Kenya kwanza alliance leaders are today camping in Nyandarua county where they have taken their bottom up economic model campaigns led by deputy president William Ruto.

After being given a chabce to speak at the rally today, the national assembly Speaker Justin Muturi became uncouth with his selection of words to describe the azimio la umoja movement leader Raila Odinga.

According to Muturi, Raila Odinga is like a toilet. He claims that no matter which perfumes will be used in a toilet, it will never seize to discharge odor.

He cautioned the people of Nyandarua against voting for Raila and Martha Karua ticket because of gender but asked them to compare the agenda of the two team.

"I want to be brief, I've seen those people have taken a woman as their Running Mate, I want to tell you to vote for agebda and not gender. Also don't see that youths are being ferried here and think that the old man has crowd, a toilet remains to be one no matter the perfume spray you use on it," he said.

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