Mungai Eve and Swat talk about the future of Gengetone music

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Swat has come out to talk about his new role as a family man. The popular artiste was hosted by Mungai Eve where they discussed about various topics.

Swat matire, as he commonly referred to by his fans, was speaking after a long silence. He explained that he had not been seen for a long time because of his other commitments.

Mungai probed him about what had befallen gengetone music. Swat gave an explanation that the Covid-19 pandemic was to blame for the decline in that music genre.

The pandemic brought forth many economic hardships. Many musicians were unable to sustain their livelihoods. Most music shows were canceled. As a result, artists were forced to look for alternative jobs.

Swat noted that the music genre was slowly getting back on its feet. With the economy on the rise, singers were getting back to studio to record their songs. He urged Kenyans to watch out for his new projects.

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