'Kumbe Alianza Kitaaambo,' Jemutai's Earlier post that Proves that She Has Been Struggling Since


Jemutai is a talented Comedian who works on Churchill Show. She has been trending online when she conducted one of the bloggers to help her sell her Facebook account to get some money to take care of her two kids. According to Jemutai, the father of the kids who happens to be Professor Hamo has not been taking care of his kids.

Earlier today, professor has replied to Jemutai's claims saying that he has been supporting his kids since and Jemutai should stop terming him a deadbeat father. He says his wife has been sending money to Jemutai to support the children. Jemutai has replied to this saying that Hamo is a liar and he should stop lying to his fans.

It has come to a notice that Jemutai started struggling with the kids since before. This is according to her post in March saying its hard to take care of the children alone. Below is the post.

This proves that Professor Hamo has not been supporting his kids for along time now and Jemutai has just been keeping it. Please share your comment.

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