Suspected Skin Bleaching That Ended In Tears And Left Mzansi In Shock

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Skin bleaching is dangerous, but you don't believe me. Until now, we have no idea if she is a girl or a guy. For the record, we have no idea what her race or ethnicity is. To begin, your skin will begin to lighten and become whiter. After that, your skin will be fried to a crispy crisp, just like a piece of grilled meat. No one ever said you had to be fair-skinned in order to be attractive. There are horrible looking white people and gorgeous black people, haven't you seen it? It doesn't matter what color your skin is; beauty is beauty, period.

It's horrifying to see what's happening to this person's skin. In the event that this is a result of skin lightening, then people should quit trying to make themselves bright or darker by using these products.

In addition, people are drawn to street-sale items because they're cheap and easy to come by. Because their primary motivation is making a profit, most of the people selling these products will never disclose any information about the risks they may pose. These people are in business, and they'll tell them that there are natural products that don't have side effects, but it ends up this way. What a horrible experience for this woman; my heart goes out to her.


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