Five Reasons Why Girls Schools Have Never Won The National Science and Maths Quiz (Opinion)


The National Science and Maths Quiz has been won by all male Senior High Schools on many occasions, as well as a mixed school at one time, since its inception. It is a proven reality that no female school has ever won the NSMQ championship. Mfantsiman Girls School and Wesley Girls Senior High School, on the other hand, only made it to the finals once, but they did not win. "Why can't girls school win the competition?. This is a question that arises often if a competition is announced. The solution is straightforward. Take a look at the responses based on several recent polls and interviews.

1.The Old Students Association has been unhelpful.

Alumni from all schools have a duty to contribute their fair share to the country's growth. Several photos and videos have surfaced in recent years showing how alumni students from the boys school heavily participate in NSMQ-related activities in order to encourage contestants to give it their all.This is not the case in the all female institutions.

2.Intimidation stemming from the boys' responses to quiz questions.

The boys' demeanor and pace in answering questions intimidate the ladies. During an interview, one of the previous contestants revealed this information.

3.Failure to adequately prepare for the quiz

If you equate the training of all male SHS students with that of all female SHS students prior to the main contest, you'll see that the boys put in the most effort and make it seem as if their lives rely on the quiz. The girls, on the other hand, have a casual attitude toward the quiz.

4.They don't participate in trial quizzes.

To be honest, girls' schools do not send their students to trials. Some people claim they're afraid of being mocked if they lose. The aim of the trials, on the other hand, is to give the contestants a taste of what the main competition would be like.

5.Poor training from their course trainers.


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