Today News: IPOB Claimed to Killed Fulani Bandit Leader, President Buhari Increases Fuel Price

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We will bring you some of the news that happened in Nigeria Recently

Ipob Claimed to kill Fulani Bandit Leader Mohammed Isa

The News reaching us was that The East operative movement known as Ipob has killed one of the Fulani Bandit Leader in Benue state, it was revealed that the Bandit Leader was nabbed last week as his crime and atrocities that he has been commiting in the land is unbearable .

The chairman of Ado state James Oche have also claimed that some people have been arrested Connecting to the murder, the Ipob member further claimed that if they see any bandit posing as Fulani man they will send him to God for judgment.

My only concern is let the killing stop and let everyone leave in peace and harmony.

President Buhari has increased Price of Petroleum Again

Nigerian should take this important notice today as our president have decided on the Increment on fuel price once again, it is no longer a new thing how things cost in this Country anymore.

The truth of the matter still remain that the current increment will affect the cost of food prices and building materials prices will be hike.

The news was revealed by Gazettengr Twitter handler claiming that the Price has increased to #212 at the moment.

Only God will save his people in this country, what are your thoughts on this

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