Uganda Minister Purchases Mice at Ksh 250,000

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Laboratory mice. Photo courtesy

The minister of science technology and innovation Dr Monica Musonera has come under fire after her initiative to purchase mice set to be used in the lab for experiments at 250 Kenyan shillings each.

Monica Musenero. Photo courtesy

Facing a selected committee of parliamentarians probing the status of funds allocated for covid-19 vaccine in research the minister defended her expenditure by alleging that the cost is high because there was a high demand, and furthermore they were to be procured from the United States since they could not be found anywhere in Africa. 

"These are very high technology animals actually we have even struggled to get them, it is in our proposal that we get support to put up a facility to bring them because our scientists are able to work and create those mice here," she explained.

Musenero before the parliamentary committee. Photo courtesy

Monica said that the mice are special and very hard to find in the market because they are highly modified and engineered to facilitate the covid-19 vaccine development process.

“We paid the first company and they returned our money and they said we can’t give you because they are in very high demand. USh.8 Million, actually that is cheap,” she explained 

The parliamentary committee is expected to present a report of its findings to the house in a week after concluding investigations.

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