Before The Sun Rise This Saturday Morning, Say These Prophetic Words Of Prayers


The holy father,God of miracles,the ancient of days,the king of the universe,the wholesome God,the everlasting father who does mighty things. We worship your majesty this morning. We believe in our hearts that you will show yourself mighty and strong in our lives.

Your love is always new every morning. No one can love us like you do,no one can care for us like you do, it's you that has been our help since the time past and even till this days. To you be all the glory.

Say these words of prayers before you sleep tonight;

- Father Lord God Almighty, to you I lift up my voice to, I call for mercy; make your mercy speak for me.

- I look up to you,as a son looks up to the hand of his father,as a daughter look up to the hand of her mother. I pray that I will receive favour from your sight in the name of Jesus Christ.

- Everlasting father, I pray that my life will not be a waste in this generation. All what I lay my hands on shall be successful in the name of Jesus Christ.

- Give me a heart that will always praise you and lift you high all days.

- I pray that the spirit of the living God will be for me and it will guide me in guard me in the name of Jesus.

- Oh God, I pray that you make the salvation of my life to be complete and the Lord will give me grace to tell others about Christ.

- Give me power to know your will and purpose for my life.


You are blessed.