Latest development on the death of the final year student


Sad news hit the town of Barkoniaba in Sunyani Municipality on 17th May 2021 at exactly 9:30 pm. A very beautiful and gorgeous lady by the name of Leticia was found dead in the dining of her school, Miracle Junior high school.

According to the information reaching the news outlets in the country, she hanged herself and left a note which states, " There is so much sorrow and pain in my heart." 

I have followed the news and the recent developments are as follows.

1. The mother of Leticia has said the child was murdered because nothing shows that she has hanged herself. She further describe how a human looks like when they hanged themselves as she has witnessed some herself before. Sadly, the father wept uncontrollably.

2. The young lady's body has been sent to the morgue at Sunyani, pending Autopsy. Since the main reason is yet to be clear, the police and the general populace believe it would help them detect the cause with ease.

3. The police have commenced an investigation to find out the cause of the death.