Jalang'o To Announce His New Destination



Felix Oduor is a celebrated journalist and a comedian in Kenya. To his fans, he is well known as Jalang'o . He was working at Milele FM radio that owned by Mediamax company. Due to covid-19 pandemic most media houses have recorded a decline in their income. This has forced some media houses to fire some their workers. In Mediamax, their boss reduced the salary of his workers. This did not go well with the journalist including Jalang'o. He finally resigned.


Few days later, it is believed that he met his former boss at Radio Africa media company and discussed his return home "..I had an amazing meeting with my friend, my boss, the first person who ever gave me the first-ever radio contract, Mr Patrick Quarcoo,” said Jalang’o. This means that Jalang'o may end working in one of the radio FM in either Radio Jambo, Kiss FM or Classic FM. " it could be Kiss 100, Classic FM or Jambo.” Jalang'o added.

Jalang'o is likely to join radio Jambo. This is because Jalang'o is more influencial when articulating his issues and comedy in Kiswahili. What is your take?

Annamogi kenya_public@operanewshub.com