CAK Orders The Closure Of A Popular Tv Station


The Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) on Wednesday, April 28, made a harsh move against Mt Kenya TV over the new circulating of improper substance on a kids' program. 

CAK guided the station to go off air from late morning Wednesday, April 28 for a base time of about a month. The station may be permitted to backpedal on air after it has followed all consistency issues. 

Further, CAK forced a fine of Ksh500,000 noticing that the station had consistency gives that had been raised for more than 120 days. The authority pushed for all consistent issues to be settled within 30 days. 

The station was requested to survey its interior controls on admittance to the framework for lining and planning of its projects to forestall the reoccurrence of the issue. They are to give proof to the expert in seven days. 

CAK guided all the staff to go through preparing on programming code inside seven days. Further, the station was to audit its publication strategy to adjust it to the laws securing youngsters against improper substance. 

Mt Kenya TV was additionally coordinated to guarantee that every one of its moderators is authorized by the Media Council of Kenya and proof of consistency to be recorded with CAK within seven days. 

"The circumstance of circulating such express substance camouflaged as a youngsters' program is a genuine opens kids to grown-up encounters," Mutua expressed. 

MT Kenya TV had stated regret to its watchers after concerns raised by Kenyans over unequivocal substance circulated during the watershed time frame. 

"We are mentioning for your pardoning following adult substance that was circulated on one of the kids' projects. We have done whatever it may take to guarantee that it doesn't occur," read the station's expression of remorse. 

Mutua notwithstanding, stated that the faction taken against the station would fill in as an exercise to other media houses.


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