Netizens React to Rapper Nazizi's Latest Post

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Nazizi hirji who was born in 30th march 1981 in kenya is a celebrity rapper who has produced various hitting songs.She is popularly as Nazizi on all her social media platforms.

Tonight,on her official facebook page,nazizi hirji as she shares a beautiful and gorgeous photo of herself.As she shares this photo,she uses that opportunity to pass a message to her fans on what she is doing tonight.She says she is on a deck and she is asking her fans to send some rocking song request to her.Below is what she wrote;

"Dido ranks pon the deck with some of your favourite lovers rock.what is your request?".

As she writes this she tags her name and she terms herself as music sheriff nazizi hirji.After she posted this netizens did not hesitate to give their different reactions towards her post and below are the screenshots of some of the comments that she got;

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