Arthur Fraser is left speechless after this happened to his charges against Cyril Ramaphosa

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The South African news agency News24 confirmed on its Twitter account that the former official had in fact offered this articulation, and the former senior information officer made the suggestion that Arthur Fraser's claimed unlawful way to acting was "Pure CRIME,"

The inquiry that was managed by News24 had a single-minded emphasis on unearthing the facts and getting to the bottom of what had happened. Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa, provided assistance to Arthur Fraser in order to aid him in dodging arraignment so that he might drop his charges of tax avoidance at the phala farm against Cyril Ramaphosa. The allegations made by Fraser against Ramaphosa were connected to the phala farm. Because of Ramaphosa's participation with the phala farm, Fraser's claims were focused primarily on him as the prime suspect.

As part of the procedure that required passing over the evaluation about state catch to President Ramaphosa, Chief Justice Zondo disseminated these claims to the general public's thought. The Zuma group made the choice to ignore instances of criminal distortion committed by Arthur Fraser and the Gupta Brothers in the time preceding up to the delivery of the State Capture Report. This decision was reached in light of the fact that these instances occurred. It is practically unavoidable that this will result in further significant action being taken against Zuma, this time by SABC, which would prove that he is to blame for the financial difficulties that the public broadcaster is currently suffering.

In spite of what Chief Justice Zondo declared at the time the State Capture Report was being delivered, the claims that have been lodged against him have not been rejected as of yet. In addition, it is possible that, as time passes, Ramaphosa will be able to exonerate himself of the accusations that have been made against him. Many, many thanks for what you've done.

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