Throwback: When 2 military men proposed on the same day and at the same time


The greatest moment in every relationship is when the man finally proposes to his partner. This is what many girls are expecting but sometimes, it takes a longer time to manifest. I wonder why some men delay before finally asking the question. Is it because they are scared their proposal will be rejected, is it because they have other plans with other women?

Well, nobody knows.

Some people take years before asking for their partner's hand in marriage.

At other times, it even doesn't happen at all. All the years are transformed into waste.

This is article gives us a throwback to when two military men went viral after finally asking their partners if they would want to spend the rest of their lives with them.

What makes it distinct from other proposals which have gone viral along the years is the fact that, these two military men not only proposed to their girlfriends at the same place, they also did it at the same time and it was just amazing.

We normally see people propose to their girlfriends in restaurants, hotels, at parties and the rest but these guys proved they were distinct.

They proposed in the middle of a less busy road in broad daylight and never cared about what people would think about them. Like the Israelites were focused on the rod of Moses, so were they focused on their girlfriends.

After a moment, you could see them happy and there's only one inference you can make out of their happy faces. The ladies definitely said "Yes" to whatever question they were asked.

After this incident happened, people couldn't stop talking about them. The pictures have travelled to all corners of the social media.

Luckily for these two soldiers, their expectations were met. They only wanted to hear them accept their proposal and good for them, it did happen.