South Africa Applauds Enhle Mbali For Allegedly Demanding Over R4million From DJ Black Coffee


Twitter applauds Enhle Mbali for demanding what is due to her.

In a recent article published by Sunday Sun, the seasoned actress and businesswoman is allegedly demanding that her soon-to-be ex-husband settle her legal fees which amount to about R4 million, plus monthly maintenance fee and child support of more than R100 000.

In the alleged list, over and above the R4 million include:

1.R17 000 for her beauty expenses, and her medical bills. The actress suffered depression due to stress relating to their much-publicised divorce. 

One tweet read: " He waisted her time." This is the reality of what is going on in the world today. Amidst all sort of physical abuse that women endure, is a more silent and dangerous abuse that is immeasurable or seen. It catapults many to depression...and the hospital fees that go with it. It is a ln endless downward spiral.

It is alleged that the actress is also requesting the reinstatement of the:

2. R30 000 monthly allowance which Black Coffee used to give her during the couple's happier times.

3. 100000 child support. Children shouldn't suffer. If one wants to leave the marriage, the children must be kept in the lifestyle that they used to.

Ours is not to judge the position that the actress finds herself in, but to let her do what is right (in her eyes) and let DJ Coffee defend himself.

The truth of the matter is, that we can only speculate the depths of this whole matter. Usually, upon the death of an icon, there is an outcry for reasons why the icon didn't seek assistance. Well, this actress has sought assistance. Congratulations to you!

It is an unfortunate double standard, that we are against gender based violence, but cannot support a woman that is on her feet, fighting back.

The message here, is that we do not undermine the power of a woman scorned. We see many men walk away from marriages without any real repercussions, even under the protection of families (elders) and the community.

It is simple, if you have chosen each other and become one in marriage, have kids and he decides to leave you on your own, you have the right to fight. If you can't afford it, throw the bill his direction. Men, we can't be that gender that doesn't have responsibilities.

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