Importance of Respect in Marriage

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Some people think of marriage as a way of fulfilling God's plan of multiplying and filling the earth, well marriage entails many things apart from multiplying. One of the major things in marriage is RESPECT, others may assume that it is a simple thing but it matters a lot. One thing you need to know is that respect is not earned, it is gained. You need to respect your partner in order to receive respect back.

Lack of respect causes misunderstanding between marriage partners leading to unavoidable quarrels and inappropriate decisions made out of anger. Don't let your spouse disrespect you simply because he paid your marriage dowry. In fact marriage dowry was only meant to thank the parents of the bridegroom for bringing you to earth and raising you uprightly. Paying it doesn't mean he has the rights to treat you without respect.

A reason has not yet been established as to why men start disrespecting women once they birth their first together. Respecting one another in marriage forfeits bad intentions planned by the disrespected in marriage thus promoting harmonious living in the family. Children raised with respectful parents tend to do the same to their children when they become parents.

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