Namibian woman sold out by internet search history

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A Namibian woman woman nearly got away with murder. Until police stumbled upon her internet search history. 

The family of murdered young woman Shannon Wasserfall says her suspected killer, Azaan Madisia shows no remorse for her actions, judging from the content of her so called confession that has been circulated on social media since last week.

Namibian Azaan Madisia stands accused of murdering Shannon and concealing the evidence by burying the victims body in a shallow grave. 

Her brother Junior Mulundu was also arrested for assisting her bury the body. The body was found by a passersby in a shallow grave in Walvis Bay. 

Whike police were investigating the case, they went through Azaan's internet search history and they stumbled upon startling evidence. 

The police found out that she was searching stuff such as - how to bury a body and how to get rid of skeletons. 

Shannon's brother said the evidence against Azaan was overwhelming. 

“Her internet history alone through police investigations showed that she searched for ‘how to bury a body and how to get rid of skeletons on 6 and 7 April, 2020, while Shannon went missing on 10 April. This clearly contradicts what she is saying in the letter,” Dennis said.

The case in continuing in Windhoek. The motive behind the killing is still not known but a number of electronics and gadgets were allegedly stolen.


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