It was once one of the best Government schools in Africa but look at it now

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This was once one of the best Government schools in Africa.It produced billionaires and even an advisor to an American president.Yet this is where it is today, battered and looking depressingly a shadow of its former self.This is Zimbabwe’s Prince Edward School in Harare.

In Botswana education is still free, medication free bt infrastructure is on point lecture rooms lekker, fuel very cheap, number plates accessible everywhere at very cheap price @ P160 front n rear, no tollgates, a desert 🏜 bt Gaborone never runs out of clean running water, roads very clean , currently in construction of spaghetti roads in Gaborone.

Zanu pf with it's old madalas have surely destroyed our country and our future.Prince Edward School, Zimbabwe has been destroyed by that corrupt headmaster called SORA. His predecessors Clive Barns and Kevin Atkinson who left for St Georges made sure the school remained on the map of Africa. THIS CORRUPT HEADMASTER SORA has destroyed the good school.

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